Santa and his Sleigh


Well done!  Santa has asked me to say a big thank you to all Rotarians and Friends who volunteered in December to keep his sleigh on the road and outside supermarkets.  We brought Christmas cheer to young and old.  Children were delighted to have photos taken with him and tell him their hopes for Christmas.

346 volunteering hours on the rota, filled by 16 Carlton Rotarians and 21 Friends and supporters!  Plus of course time spent behind the scenes for those who kept the generator topped up, provided sweets, re-wired the lights, touched up the paintwork, washed the Santa outfits, liaised with the supermarkets, applied for licences, designed posters, organised the banking, the music, kept the rota and Facebook up to date, etc etc.  A great team effort.  And thanks go to Lowdham Caravans for again servicing his sleigh.

But most of all, thank you to the kind residents of Carlton, Netherfield and Gedling who donated so generously, given the present economic climate.  The fantastic amount of £8,487.01 was raised and will be used to give out to deserving causes during this coming year.

Santa’s Helper

If you know of a cause worthy of help or a donation, please get in touch: