Santa and his Sleigh 2020

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With the Corona Virus limiting all our activities, Carlton Rotary Club has reluctantly decided that it would not be safe to allow their Santa to take his sleigh round the streets of Netherfield, Colwick, Carlton & Gedling this year. (Of course, the real Santa will still be coming to homes on Christmas Eve.) This, of course, is very sad as it is a tradition that stretches back to the start of the club over 40 years ago and has been enjoyed by the Rotarians that help Santa with his Christmas collection plus hundreds of children and their parents across our area. Upon seeing us each year, many people say, “This is the start of Christmas” or “I enjoyed the Rotary Santa when I was a child and now my children do”. On a cold and wet December night, it is hearing comments like these and seeing the utter delight on all the children’s faces that makes it very worthwhile.

However, this year will leave us at Rotary in a bit of a pickle really, as it is your very kind Christmas donations that enable us to redistribute all your funds to worthy causes in our community. A small part of the money is spent on international emergency crises and other charities but the majority funds local charities, individuals and families in need, school children projects, disadvantaged children, and many, many more. We have provided funding to Netherfield St. George’s Centre, food banks at St. Paul’s Carlton, the Gedling We-R-Here charity for sufferers of domestic violence, Digby Special School, local Scouts and Guides, boys’ & girls’ football clubs, Dako Flying Angels boys’ gymnastics club, Nottinghamshire Blood Bikes, Nottinghamshire Hospice and much more.

In all the years that the Rotary sleigh has been taking Santa around the streets of our neighbourhood, you have donated anything from a few pence to a few pounds into the collection boxes. Whatever the amount, it was always gratefully received and vital to our commitment to help the local community. This year, many people in our community will not be able to afford to give even a few pennies but if you are able to then please click on the following link. This will enable Carlton Rotary to continue its work in our community.

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