Thursday 17th January 2019

Our speakers were from St Paul’s Church Carlton-in-the-Willows.
Wendy, Di and Lynne talked to us about the work they do in the community. We learned what the term MESSY CHURCH means and how they are keen to modernise the Church and involve the children of today.
Messy Church

Thursday 13th December

Our speaker, Keith Barnes, from Citizens Advice Bureau gave us a very interesting talk about the work of the CAB in Nottingham. Their service is very busy with over 8000 people asking advice during the year. Problems range from homelessness, debt, the benefits system and difficulties with proving the “right to reside” which can be a bar to obtaining benefits, including a pension. The CAB offers sound, confidential advice. The work described was quite an eye-opener for most of us.

Thursday 6th December

We welcomed back our speaker, Bob White, who regaled us with some interesting stories about our local hero, Robin Hood.  He talked about some of the research done, how the stories came into being through the ages and how Nottm Councils have used the story for tourism purposes over the years.  Despite no real proof as to who he was, where or when he lived, his legend lives on and puts Nottingham on the world map.

Thursday 29th November

Our speaker was John Cavey from Rotary Club of Derby South speaking about Foundation . John showed a video and explained to us the history and relevant details of Rotary Foundation and the matching grant process. Speaker host was Tony Mellor.


Thursday 21st November

Carolyn Pallister from Slimming World. Carolyn took us along a time line journey from when Slimming World was formed by Margret Miles-Bramwell in 1969 when it held its first meeting in a chapel in Alfreton. 1988 – 1000th group formed. 1996 – 5000th group formed. 1997 – SMILES, Slimming World’s charitable foundation, is launched. 1998 – Slimming World Magazine is launched. Now 3rd best selling magazine in the UK with 650,000 sold each issue.

2000 – Slimming World launches its first website. 2002 – Slimming World pioneers the first ever NHS weight management referral scheme – Slimming World on Referral. 2006 – Family Affair is launched to help support young people. 2009 – founder Margret Miles-Bramwell awarded OBE. 2012 – partners with Royal College of Midwives. 2015 – Frozen meal range. 2017 – launches online programme in USA. 2019 – they will celebrate 50th year. 2018 – 19,000 weekly groups, 5000 trained consultants, 900,000 members. We also saw a video of head office and how Slimming World has changed the lives of many people. Carolyn also explained her journey from University to working for Slimming World for 12 years.



Thursday 1st November

Speakers: Claire Perry and Aimee George gave us a very moving insight into the work of Childline https://www.facebook.com/clnottingham/ , a free 24 hour helpline, now part of the NSPCC. Calls for help come in both by phone and more often by way of a chat line and we were staggered to learn how many are dealt with each day. Confidentiality of the caller is paramount, and we were tasked with assessing different scenarios and deciding which, if any, would necessitate a break in confidentiality. We were surprised to learn, very few. A programme of “Speak out and stay safe” is being run in schools. Great work being done to educate and help today’s children. Nottingham is one of 12 bases around GB, and has at present 142 volunteers, but really needs 190 to be fully staffed. Volunteers take part in a 10 week training course, and then are expected to give at least 4 hours/week during their first year.

1-IMG_6490 (002).JPG

Thursday 25th October

Picture form left to right Colin Gell, Mark Snape, Martyn Bye

Mark Snape-The Humble Transistor

Well, what an interesting, informative and quite mind-blowing talk on “The Humble Transistor”.  Mark Snape gave us an illustrated physics cum history lesson from the invention of the transistor in 1947 through to developments up to today.  He mentioned the first transistor radio in 1954, integrated circuits in 1961, silicon valley, computers, Intel processors, and the resulting miniaturisation we see in today’s computers, phones, watches, etc. Quite fascinating – and this led to discussions on “where do we go from here!”

Thursday 18th October

Picture left to right Paul Hicking, Val Green, Martyn Bye

Val Green - David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

What an interesting talk! Our speaker, Val Green, is a volunteer with the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation. She showed us some great slides of rhinos, elephants, pangolins, snow leopards, painted dogs, lions, tigers etc and gave us facts and figures about how some of our much loved wildlife are dwindling in numbers. What a worrying situation. She explained some of the work the Foundation is doing in so many countries in Africa and Asia to fight wildlife crime, to work with rangers and local communities to bring awareness. The David Shepherd Foundation runs an annual Wildlife Artist of the Year competition. As a charity with very few paid staff it relies on volunteers and donations. Val told us ways we could help eg by becoming a friend of the DSWF or by adopting an endangered animal for a year – maybe to give this as a Christmas present? See  www.davidshepherd.org for more details.

Thursday 27th September:

Stella Herbert.JPG

What a pleasure it was to host Stella Herbert from RC Sherwood Forest last night (our Assistant District Secretary).  Her illustrated talk on Rotary in Bermuda gave us a good history and geography lesson and included many interesting facts about this small British Territory in the Atlantic.  It was interesting that there is no fresh water source on the island, so rainwater is collected and stored in tanks from roofs.  She explained how the four Rotary Clubs on the island meet at different times but work very much together and are all very welcoming of visitors.  As the island’s main economy is finance and tourism, they benefit from some top names in the world of finance visiting their island.  There is also an Interact and Rotaract Club on this island of just over 64,000 inhabitants.

Thursday 20th September:

Our Speakers were Katerina and Eric Roberts and Hauxley (Dog in Training) from Canine Partners. They gave us an excellent talk and explained what Canine Partners do.

Their assistance dogs are trained to meet the needs of individuals with even the most complex physical disabilities. They currently help adults aged 18 and over (both civilians and former service personnel) who have a physical disability or condition that affects their daily life and limits their independence.

Some of the disabilities and conditions they work with are:

Multiple sclerosis

Cerebral palsy

Spinal injuries and head injuries


Osteoarthritis and scoliosis

Arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis

Ehlers-Danlos syndrome

Friedrich’s ataxia


Muscular dystrophy

Spina bifida

Osteogenesis imperfecta (brittle bones)


Thursday 6th September


Our meeting was action packed last night. We were joined by visitors from Scotland, Tony & June Galloway, who were staying in Nottingham and brought greetings from their Rotary club in district 1010. Tony had lived locally when younger and had celebrated his 21st birthday at Mapperley Golf Club. We also welcomed Tony Sherwood to our meeting who will be put forward for membership shortly.

Our Speaker was Simon Buttenshaw from the University of Nottingham Children’s Brain Tumour Research Centre. He gave us an interesting presentation on the history of the Centre which was set up in 1997. Its aim is to improve the understanding, treatment and outcomes of children who develop brain tumours. A campaign started in 2012 called Head Start has been successful in leading to quicker diagnosis. There are over 40 staff at the centre and along with grant funding, they heavily rely on fundraising to plough into further research. We were shown some of the fundraising initiatives undertaken by staff, patients and families such as skydiving and marathons.

Pictured left to right. Simon Buttenshaw, Martyn Bye President, Tony Sherwood, June Galloway, Tony Galloway.

Thursday 23rd August

Andy Nichols

Our speaker, Andrew Nichols, gave us a talk entitled “A Snorer’s Tale” which turned out to be a very personal insight into his life as a bad snorer and the various aids and treatments he had tried and which had proved useless. He eventually sought professional help and a sleep clinic diagnosed a problem with his throat which was causing sleep apnoea. Once diagnosed, he was given a CPAP machine to wear at night, and this had turned his life around. It enabled him to have good quality sleep so he was not longer dropping off during the day.

Andy Nichols pictured with John Branson and President Martyn

Thursday 16th August


We had an interesting illustrated talk last night from Colin Beckett from the local Tools for Self-Reliance workshop – which he explained is housed in the basement of the Methodist Church in Southwell. The group meet fortnightly on a Monday evening to refurbish tools ready to pack into wooden crates (made by our member David Falkner) to fulfil requests such as a carpenter’s box, a sewing box, a shoemaker’s box etc. The boxes are then shipped to the headquarters near Southampton ready to be shipped to various African countries. In addition to this practical work, the group collect unwanted tools and spend time fundraising to pay for the shipping costs. The charity partners with NGO’s in Africa and ensures appropriate training is being carried out and the boxes are used appropriately to enable the recipients to learn and then practise a trade to provide income for their families. A very worthwhile charity. Martyn asked how RC Carlton could help and Colin suggested 1. Donate unwanted tools 2. Volunteers were welcome on a Monday night 3. Donation of funds. Martyn said this would be discussed at our next committee meetings. Picture of Colin Beckett, Michael Ellis and President Martyn.

Thursday 2nd August

Geoff Parkinson-My Life in Prison

Speaker: Geoff Parkinson from the RC of Mapperley & Arnold spoke to us about “My Life in Prison” – from his experience as a member of the Independent Monitoring Board at Lowdham Grange Prison.  He gave a most interesting insight into this “Cat B” prison run by Serco, and into the prison service in general.  He explained how the recent break out of violence had been dealt with very promptly and successfully by a team of specially trained officers using stun grenades.  A most interesting talk and Geoff was to be congratulated for carrying on without his powerpoint presentation when his computer decided to do a Windows update shortly after he started!!

Thursday 26th July

Alicia Reade-Facebook

Alicia Reade from Doncaster Satellite Club, ably assisted by her 8 year old son Aiden, gave us a fascinating and very helpful illustrated presentation on Facebook.  There was some information for everyone – even those who don’t wish to use this social media.  And for those of us who do, we received some useful tips about privacy – eg hiding our lists of “friends” and categorising our “friends”  into groups.      She confirmed that any Carlton member who never wants to use Facebook could always see the RC Carlton Facebook page as this is in the public domain.  Try it!  The link is here: https://www.facebook.com/RotaryCarlton/

Thursday 19th July

DG Visit 19th July

It was a pleasure last night to welcome our amazing DG – Cheryle Berry – to speak to us.  She outlined the current Rotary year’s theme of “Be the Inspiration”, congratulated Carlton on our work to date, especially the mock interviews and our fundraising and urged us to continue to “Be the Inspiration” with children and others in our area and abroad.  She then told us a bit about herself.  She is a Trustee of Hope Community Village in India and visits annually, giving practical help by way of first aid lessons. She is running the Robin Hood marathon in September in aid of Maggies   Cheryle’s big project which is coming to fruition this year, being officially launched in the Houses of Parliament at the end of October, is through her work with St John’s Ambulance.  She has used her connections in Education (she was a head teacher and latterly Director of Education for Lincolnshire in her career) to succeed in getting an Online Training agency to create a training course in basic First Aid in order to save lives – with the aim of getting at least one person in every street trained.  She showed us a preview of what the course will look like.  We will watch this space with anticipation for the launch of this exciting online project.  Howard Bodill was speaker host, and thanked Cheryle for certainly “Being our Inspiration”.

Thursday 12th July

Rebecca Harrison

Rebekah Harrison gave us an illustrated talk of her time in Nepal.  She had gone as part of a Baptist Missionary Society “Action Team” in her gap year from school to university.  She was part of a team of 3 girls who, after training for a month in Birmingham, had then spent six months living in Kathmandu, working in different schools around the country.  She gave us an insight into the various primary schools, school for disabled, and one centre for women who had been rescued from trafficking where they were learning new skills to enable them to live independently.  The three girls learned to adapt to different situations and teach songs, games and English culture to very willing pupils.  Travel to some of these schools was sometimes an adventure in itself – crowded in busses with over double their capacity and sharing the ride with chickens etc  This team of 3 have then spent several months in England touring different churches and schools to tell of their experiences in Nepal and to provide some extra curricula teaching.  Rebekah started the year as a shy teenager, but has now returned home as a confident young lady, ready to start her teaching degree in September.

Thursday 5th July

Frances Finn

Frances Finn was most entertaining and we now can imagine what it is like to “talk into a sponge”  (the microphone)  in a padded cell with a countdown to the next record or news in your earpiece.  I’m sure we will all be listening to the Saturday & Sunday morning shows with more interest from now on.