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Since March 2020, we have been meeting weekly at 19:00 on a Thursday by Zoom.  This new way of meeting – which was forced upon us by the pandemic – has actually had plenty of benefits.  We’ve been able to welcome speakers from far and wide, conducted our business meetings as usual, enjoyed some social interaction and discussed ways of helping our community. 

Do you live in the Borough of Gedling or surrounding area?  Carlton Rotary always welcome enquiries about membership.  Contact us here.

Join Rotary and make a world of difference to your own community, to the lives of those less fortunate around the world, to your fellow club members – like-minded men and women of all ages – and, just as important, to yourself! The projects Rotarians get involved in are incredibly fulfilling, worthwhile and rewarding – and there’s plenty of fun involved. 

Why not join us to fulfil your employer’s corporate social responsibility policy?